However, as we strive to shape the magazine and respond to the challenges of a tough economic climate, we have indeed made some changes to the magazine, changes I would like to share with you as our beloved readers.
There are some changes will have been obvious to you, even before you opened this page: the monthly magazine has put on weight and is now the same size as the old quarterly issues. We have more articles, more writers and are tackling more topics in a greater variety of ways – we hope that you will be as excited about this as we are!
You may also notice that we’ve brought more advertisers on board, advertisers we hope you will benefit from and offers we sincerely hope you will take advantage of. By supporting our advertisers, you are helping the magazine to continue producing high quality content, looking after our wonderful writers, editors and designers, and, ultimately, building a brand that will last another five, ten, fifteen or twenty years, bi’idhnillah! The subscription price is now a true reflection of the cost of producing and shipping the magazine – we hope that the different payment plans we have devised will help make the transition easier – plus the goodies we plan to offer in the coming months!

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